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All Teachers are Teachers of English Learners

Providing professional learning for all teachers to support high quality, equitable education for English Learners
The ExcEL Leadership Academy recognizes the need for a better approach to professional learning that prepares all teachers to work with English Learners. This approach melds current knowledge of effective adult learning and effective instruction for English Learners, geared toward mainstream teachers. By using a micro-credential approach, in which teachers progress at their own rate and demonstrate their mastery of best practices,  the ExcEL Leadership Academy makes professional learning about English Learners more accessible to more teachers.
Professional learning and growth is recognized through earned micro-credentials 
  • ExcEL has developed a sequential, tiered approach to career advancement based on earned micro-credentials. Every classroom teacher working with English learners should complete the six basic micro-credentials (shown in blue on the diagram below). Those who are interested in becoming ESL specialist teachers may go on to complete the second set of six micro-credentials (shown in gray on the diagram).
exCEL micro-credential chart
  • ExcEL micro-credentials are self-paced, self-directed, blended learning experiences that include both in-person and online learning. As such, it is less expensive than traditional workshop or graduate school experiences, and it gives teachers the flexibility to work on their own without taking time out of the classroom. Participants select focus areas and pathways to implementation, so their learning is always tailored to their needs.
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