Effective Educator of English Learners Micro-credentials

Are you an Effective Educator of English Learners?

The Excel Leadership Academy offers The Effective Educator of English Learners Micro-Credentials
Teachers, administrators and other educators now have the opportunity to demonstrate their skills and knowledge and be designated as Effective Educators of English Learners. These micro-credentials certify educators have reached the highest professional standards and demonstrated competence through evidence of improved classroom practice and student outcomes.

Effective Educator of English Learners Micro-credentials are available when participants have demonstrated mastery in any of these five areas:

• Second Language Acquisition
• Instruction and Strategies for English Learners
• Equitable and Effective Assessments for English Learners
• Empowering English Learners in a Student-Centered Environment
• Creating School Cultures that Support English Learners

Satisfying the requirements for each micro-credential generally takes between 10 and 20 hours spread out over an academic year, and many participants choose to work on multiple micro-credentials at the same time. You will find resources, links and connections that you may use to guide your own professional learning, but ultimately the pathway and resources you choose are up to you. Feedback and support from the ExcEL team is always available. Participants earning a micro-credential are entitled to one non-degree graduate credit from Southern New Hampshire University.
  • Traditional professional development (including hourly requirements for re-certification) has little impact on instructional practice or student outcomes. Teachers express low levels of satisfaction with the current forms of professional development. In contrast, competency-based professional learning and the ExcEL micro-credentials focus on the application of skills in the classroom. Mastery is demonstrated through successful implementation that results in observable and measurable improvements for students.
  • The ExcEL micro-credentials are designed to be self-paced and self-directed. Participants self-select a focus and a pathway to implementation. Teachers appreciate the flexibility to work on their own time, no need for days out of the classroom or travel. The approach is much less expensive than traditional workshop or graduate school experiences.
  • The need for ‘mainstream’ and content area teachers who can effectively scaffold instruction and create environments for successful English Learners is growing exponentially. There are a staggering number of professional development and graduate programs available to teachers, but there is scant attention paid to the results. The ExcEL micro-credential is grounded in research and assesses educator skills using best practice rubrics. Support and assessment are done by the national experts and experienced staff that comprise the ExcEL Leadership Academy. An educator who has earned an ExcEL micro-credential has demonstrated their knowledge as well as their skill in applying best practices in their classroom or school.
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