ExcEL Leadership Academy Introduces Micro-Endorsements

The ExcEL Leadership Academy, in partnership with BloomBoard Inc., now offers two micro-endorsement pathways for PK-12 teachers who choose to be more effective educators of multilingual learners in all academic areas.

Research and practical knowledge make it clear that all teachers need training to prepare them to work effectively with multilingual learners, yet the majority of states, districts, and schools do not have any such requirement or provide even minimal training. This lack of foundational training is exacerbated by the documented shortage of teachers qualified to work with English Learners, with the US Department of Education reporting at least 35 states with shortages of teachers in this field (2019). As a result, many schools are struggling to even meet the legal obligations to multilingual learners, meaning they have access to teachers who are properly trained and certified to meet their needs.

Learn more about micro-endorsements and micro-credentials at: https://www.excelleadershipacademy.org/pages/micro-credential/

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