Bye science curriculum, we spent years making you but you are no longer effective …

Sleepy Hollow Middle School co-teachers Mike Garguilo (science) and Andrea Calabrese (ENL) shared their recipe for successful co-teaching:  communication and organization.  They shared their winning strategies with colleagues at the NYS TESOL conference this month in Syracuse, NY.

Andrea and Mike have worked together to rework every aspect of their 7th grade living environment curriculum and make sure English Learners can access the material and are successful.  Their full presentation is attached – and it is filled with practical, usable strategies to use in any classroom.   For every topic introduced, they plan 3 student support activities.  Students are engaged in experiential learning and are ‘doing something’ every day.

They know it is working – in the spring of 2016 83% of their middle school students passed the Living Environment Regents.  In the words of these talented co-teachers:  When students have the opportunity to take learning into their own hands, such as during sorting activities, they become proud and motivated to continue to grow and learn.  This is why we find that providing students in our classroom with lessons that let them become active learners allows them to become motivated and to work harder to meet high expectations.

See Mike and Andrea’s full presentation