Monitoring Progress for Project ExcEL

External evaluators PLUS Alpha are conducting ongoing impact and implementation studies across Project ExcEL sites.  Evaluation questions help us see if Project ExcEL increases EL student achievement in math and English Language Arts (ELA), and how the program was implemented across four schools.

The second annual report is now available.  While there was a dip in the average test scores for the program schools in year 1, we saw an increase in the average test scores by year 2 for the program schools.

The project was implemented with fidelity in the second year of implementation, but there are concerns regarding personalized learning structures and environments (e.g., mentor/mentee programs, student advisories, personalized learning plans, student-led parent-teacher conferences, etc.) and the timelines for their implementation.

We’re pleased to see early indications of progress, and benefit from the suggestions and insights that help shape the project and continue to improve it.   The executive summary and full report are attached below.  We’re also including a short powerpoint the evaluators used to present the evaluation findings to the management team.